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My services

Communication / Institutional

Videos continue to be the most effective way to communicate. Due to this, companies do not miss the opportunity to convey their corporate information in a more dynamic and innovative way. This is also a way to create content for social networks and thus increase visibility and notoriety in the market.

Promotional / Advertising

The video or advertising spot remains the most sought after way to promote brands, products and services. With the right edition, the video becomes dynamic and appealing, ideal for communicating your brand on social networks, website or other platforms and an excellent way to capture the attention of new customers.

Stories of Union/ Weddings

I edit wedding videos, always taking into account the essence of the bride and groom and the whole environment of their wedding day. While editing, I also always consider the style of the videographer so that, in the end, this union is also perfect.


Infographic videos are a great ally of companies that have to communicate facts in order to retain information. They are a smart, appealing and even fun way to pass large amounts of data or tell a story.

My story

Hello! I'm Inês and I love telling stories.

I started working as a freelancer in 2016 when I was still attending college.
I felt an enormous desire to start working and to truly learn to edit and film and to understand how everything worked in what they called the business world, so I got to work!

Later, I joined a communication company in which I carried out the most diverse projects in both the area of communication and advertising.

I kept collaborating with this company but I also decided to return to work as a freelancer, but this time with a greater number of projects and clients.

I ended up realizing that the right time to start my company had come: 2020 was THE year!
I believe that training should never end and that learning is something absolutely necessary in any area, so I am always looking to improve and carry out better and better projects.

I love what I do and carry out all my projects with the greatest commitment and dedication and I am always looking for new challenges.
Feel free to get in touch with me - it will be a pleasure to meet you and tell your story!